The Weekend Getaway Packing Guide


Admittedly, packing light has never been one of my strengths. Whenever I try to scale back I always end up thinking, “well I packed horribly and have nothing,” and wishing I had one of the items I decided to omit in order to save space. So, I’m not about to even try to give tips on how to pack light, but rather offer a few tips on how to pack smart. If you’ve already mastered the art of packing, then feel free to skip the reading and scroll for a little fall outfit inspo.

To start, make a mental note of the trip’s agenda. Will the events be more formal? Casual? A mix of both? For example, this past weekend I took a trip to Madison, Wisconsin to visit one of my little sisters. I knew the weekend would consist mostly of casual meals out, lounging and walking around the city during the day. Knowing what kind of a weekend you’ll have makes it easier to plan what kind of pieces you’ll need to pack. Next, make sure to check weather. This will make it easier to pack strategically rather than throwing in miscellaneous items to prepare for anything and everything. From there, I like to pack for each night/day, giving myself a couple of extra options - because you never really know what you’ll want to wear. Though you may have to adjust based on your trip, use the list below as a guideline to jump start your weekend packing.

For Going Out

  • 2-3 Bottoms: For the light packer, only one pair of jeans or bottoms might be necessary, but I like to pack a couple of different options. In this case, I packed three pairs of denim - distressed, high-rise and black jeans.

  • 2-3 Tops: Versatile tops that pair well with all three bottoms are the best things to pack - that way you more than double your outfit options when you’re able to mix and match.

  • 1 Jacket: For this trip, a black leather jacket was the perfect choice for the weekend, being neutral and practical for the crisp, fall weather. I wore this jacket both evenings but styled it a little differently each time for a little variety.

  • 1 Pair of Booties: A pair of booties can take a casual outfit and give it a little extra something to dress it up.

  • 1 Pair of Sneaks: If you’ll be doing a lot of walking or simply want to dress down a bit, cute tennis shoes are my absolute favorite.

outfit details:  Sweater:  Asos , similar style jeans:  Urban Outfitters , similar style vegan leather jacket:  free people , sneaks:  vans , purse:  Urban Outfitters

outfit details: Sweater: Asos, similar style jeans: Urban Outfitters, similar style vegan leather jacket: free people, sneaks: vans, purse: Urban Outfitters

outfit details:  sweater:  asos , similar style jeans:  madewell , similar style vegan leather jacket:  free people , similar style booties:  chinese laundry

outfit details: sweater: asos, similar style jeans: madewell, similar style vegan leather jacket: free people, similar style booties: chinese laundry

For Morning Coffee and Travel Days

  • 1-2 Pairs Athletic Pants: If you’re anything like me, jeans aren’t always my first choice - I’m all about comfort. Joggers or leggings are a nice-to-have for more casual options.

  • 1-2 Comfy Tops: Comfy-casual shirts and sweatshirts are great for morning coffee runs and travel days.

  • 1 Casual Jacket: Add a comfortable jacket that has room for extra layers under it for when you’re on the move.

  • 1 Pair of Tennis Shoes: Plan to pack a pair of athletic shoes if you plan to do a lot of walking.

outfit details:  similar sweatshirt style:  lululemon , leggings:  lululemon , bomber jacket:  abercrombie & fitch , similar style shoes:  nike , scrunchie:  lululemon

outfit details: similar sweatshirt style: lululemon, leggings: lululemon, bomber jacket: abercrombie & fitch, similar style shoes: nike, scrunchie: lululemon

If you have extra space in your bag, small accessories make a big difference. Throw in outfit add-on’s such as a scrunchie, hat, bandana, small statement clutch, or hoop earrings as the final touch on your weekend looks. Happy packing!