Staple Pieces to Build Your Wardrobe


Humorously (and embarrassingly) enough, some of my biggest meltdowns happen standing in front of my closet in my robe when I should have left for work ten minutes ago. Or rifling through drawers covering the bedroom floor with miscellaneous clothing items when dinner reservations are in ten minutes.

As a 20-something-year-old, I  found that building my work-wear wardrobe quickly became my sole focus, and I found myself left with nothing to wear come 8pm on a Saturday.

Having a set of versatile items is life-changing when it comes to completing an outfit for wherever your busy schedule may take you - whether that’s to the office or an evening happy hour. Outfits incorporating basic pieces don’t have to be boring. Starting with a neutral item allows you to pair it with a bold or a statement piece - i.e. something patterned, bright or textured. Or, work backwards: pull an item that interests you and complete the outfit with a neutral.

In these moments of complete panic, I always find myself returning to something my mom once told me: “Don’t overthink it, just go with something basic.”

Scroll to see of list of compiled wardrobe essentials.

  • Blazer: A structured black blazer acts as a great layering piece. Pair it with a slim pant for the office, or throw on over a t-shirt with jeans and sneaks for a more casual look.

  • Plain white tee: There’s nothing better than a crisp white t-shirt. I just love the simplicity of a white tee and it’s unlimited styling options in any season.


  • A good pair of denim: This one may seem like a given, but finding a pair of jeans that you feel comfortable in will make all the difference. The 9-inch high rise skinnies from Madewell (my faves) are stretchy but don’t stretch out and bag in the knees/booty.

  • A pair of leather mules: Great for long days on your feet, leather mules are comfy without sacrificing style. Again, Madewell strikes gold with their mule line.


  • A great pair of heels: Weddings, client dinners, or paired with distressed denim - a simple, neutral heel is a timeless piece for your wardrobe. Try these guys from Steve Madden.

  • A comfy cardigan: The perfect layering piece for winter weather, air-conditioned office spaces or a cool evening in any season.


  • A versatile dress: The best dress is one that can be paired with a jean jacket and tennis shoes or heeled booties and a blazer equally as well.


  • A classic button-down: A must-have for the working gal. Cloth and Stone has the softest button-downs that last forever.


  • A classic trench coat: Perfect match for transitional weather, a timeless trench keeps you dry and goes with everything you own.