Bridesmaid Etiquette

With wedding season quickly approaching, I’ve noticed my refrigerator door beginning to fill with save-the-dates, shower and wedding invitations - two of which I’ll be standing beside a couple of my closest friends as they say their “I do’s.”

Between engagement parties, dress fittings, bachelorette parties, showers, rehearsal dinners, hair, makeup and nail appointments… as a bridesmaid, the list of wedding festivities can go on and on. So much, that standing up there with your best gal on her wedding day is often associated with breaking the bank. Although the stress of $$$ and time adding up quickly is undeniable, it’s your job as a member of the bridal party - and friend - to be supportive 100% of before, during and after the big day.

Read below for a list of bridesmaid what-to-do’s and what-not-to-do’s.

  • Know what you’re signing up for: When you agree to be a member of the bridal party, you’re automatically agreeing to be apart of any and all wedding festivities. If you have 7 weddings this summer, start saving and be conscious of your weekly spending if you’re not doing this already.


  • Go with the flow: Maybe the dress color wouldn’t be your first choice. Or you have no interest in going to Miami for the bachelorette party. Regardless, it’s happening - and just going with it and having a good attitude, rather than complaining and being difficult, will make all the difference in leaving the bride with nothing but happy memories.

  • Be honest with the bride: If you’re in a financial or scheduling bind, talking with the bride before any concrete wedding plans have been solidified may alleviate stress later on down the line. Now, I have never been a bride before, but I can imagine that the bride would rather have the wedding party enjoy the celebration just as much, if not more, than she does.

  • Put yourself in the bride’s shoes: Seeing as you probably know the bride better than most people, keep in mind what kinds of things are typically important to her. Be thoughtful rather than thinking “when I’m a bride...” or “if this was my wedding…”


  • Enjoy it! Enjoy celebrating a huge milestone with one of your closest ladies - pour a glass of champagne and get out on the dance floor.